Freestanding Emergency Department - Gardendale


The Freestanding Emergency Department (FED) will be a newly constructed facility containing approximately 27,000 square feet.  The FED will include reception/control desk, 2 triage rooms, 12 Exam/Treatment rooms, 1 Trauma/Exam room, 2 Procedure/Exam rooms, 1 Exam/Isolation room, a Secure Holding room, Decontamination room, and ancillary support spaces.  A central nurse administration station will provide easy access, control,and viewing of the treatment areas.  Diagnostic support spaces will include digital X-ray, CT scan, MRI, EKG, and Ultrasound.  Two separate entrances will be provided to include public and EMS, ambulance entrances.  A public waiting area and vending area with public toilets will be provided for visitors.  Staff facilities will be provided. A Heliport approved by state and federal authorities having jurisdiction will be provided as part of the project.  Adequate vehicular parking, pedestrian access, service access and control will be provided.